The Chord Turned Upside Down

Welcome to the dark side …

No, not Aussie music, not that there’s anything wrong with the convict heritage… This Chap is actually very partial to Midnight Oil, in particular…

… whose polemic against corporate exploitation of both natural resources and people with no other choice came some 27 years ago!

.. and I assume we are also not back to Pink Floyd so please – do go on …

Thank you!

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Two Hundred

no not ‘180’…

for our American readers, that’s an English reference that the chaps can explain if there is interest. Meanwhile – back to the plot.

Two hundred.

that is how many posts the chaps have delivered since we launched with number one on The 20th December 2016. That is a lot … we can barely keep up! Not sure how you all are doing it.

More than 1 a day, then. A little obsessive.?


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The Record Company

This Chap Found Himself Watching A Spot Of TV …

… as you do.
These chaps suddenly appeared on screen – and through the speakers. Suffice to say – had to share.

You Didn’t See It Here First …

… probably, since it went up a day ago and has already garnered over 3.5 million views ….

Still. Public Service. It’s What We Do.

… well sometimes.

It’s an excellent way to spend twenty minutes. And twenty minutes is a lot shorter – and in some ways even funnier – than Mel’s 1 hour and 32 minutes version. ….

Iron Shirts

like this?

John is amazed …

… by how many of the techniques described in this short educational video that he knew already – and in fact at one time in his life, had developed a substantial practice of same.

Or was that in another life?

Didn’t we promise somewhere that we’d never send out chain mail?

I dont recall that. I think our promise is that we won’t let others do that.

I Do Like A Good Romantic Comedy

The Chaps do enjoy looking at things a little differently, which is why this chap though he should share this particular take on The Silence of the Lambs. Imagine if you will Anthony and Jodie playing it as a RomCom.

I’ll see your “Lambs” recut — well, have seen, actually — and raise you “The Shining”