Spotted – So Sharing (2)

… you know how it is . You see stuff, you think ‘golly’ – now that IS interesting – I haven’t got much time to write a lot about it – BUT – our readers might be interested.

That’s why we thought to introduce a new category that we are calling  ‘Themed Things That Thundered’ … at least until we come up with a better name. THis one happens to be all music. As you know – single themes will not be the rule. Continue reading “Spotted – So Sharing (2)”

F’get About It. We Have It Covered.

Guardian – Chris Riddell 29th Jan, 2016

The Guardian’s diplomatic editor Patrick Wintour has reported that the US president told Theresa May in a phone call that he does not wish to go ahead with a state visit if large-scale protests will be held against him. BBC’s Joe Lynam added that Downing Street said there will be “no change” to plans for Trump to visit.

The Guardian, 11th Jun, 2017

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This Chap Is …

PROUD … to be a long time fan, supporter and promoter of Apple, for the past 15 years  … and counting. Maybe a post on how that came to be would be in order. Now adding to that, also proud … not to be a US Citizen. I am ashamed – but really more sorry – for this fine country that allowed this misfit into the WhiteHouse.

I am disgusted that The Republicans have allowed themselves to be hijacked – but then again – totally unsurprised, Totally. And that is the saddest thing. Continue reading “Proud”

Theresa May One-Ups Putin

John opines …

… I am not a fan of leather trousers unless you are going to a fancy dress party. Private Eye spotted this and delved into both price and whether or not ‘leathers in the commons’ were indeed de rigour?

I think the Tories have long been wearing their leathers – just maybe not as visibly as our Theresa is. More shall we say behind the closed doors of the London Clubs.
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