Way Ahead

… and if you are not – maybe you should at least plan to be.

Instead of tending towards a vast Alexandrian library the world will become a computer, an electronic brain, exactly as in an infantile piece of science fiction. And as our senses go outside us, Big Brother goes inside. So, unless aware of this dynamic, we shall at once move into a phase of panic terrors, exactly befitting a small world of tribal drums, total interdependence, and superimposed co-existence. […] Terror is the normal state of any oral society, for in it everything affects everything all the time. […] In our long striving to recover for the Western world a unity of sensibility and of thought and feeling we have no more been prepared to accept the tribal consequences of such unity than we were ready for the fragmentation of the human psyche by print culture.

Marshall McLuhan

via Stephen Fry talking at The Hay Festival on May 28th

By the way – Neil Gaiman (‘friend’ of The Chaps) was also there … I mean is that a ‘twofer’ or what?

At least a twofer. Did he bring any Gods with him, I wonder?

Didn’t need to …. apparently he already felt like one – a couple of times actually!

Actually – that particular link might be useful in that three way we are working on with the other chap – you know – the one about whether fictional characters have an ontology.

Obsessed, Slight Aside …

… as this Chap notes …

The note that went viral at an Oxfam shop in Swansea. Photograph: Wales News Service

… Dan Brown’s, er, epic story (?) is now the least desirable donation to at least one of the UK’s charity shops. You remember — dastardly intrigue among Vatican and other types, who successfully set out to eliminate any readable matter from the very opus itself, leaving it a rewarding read only to those dedicated to obscure conspiracy theories? Yes, that one.

Fair enough, really, speaking as one who tried and failed to complete it, making no more headway than with Umberto Eco’s Foucault’s Pendulum.

In turn, this chap notes that …
… he made his way through both tomes … filing Mr. Brown’s offer into the pulp fiction bin – whereas Mr. Eco’s – well – this chap thought it most excellent. Continue reading “Obsessed, Slight Aside …”

Is ‘Good Omens’ Coming A Good Omen?

… apparently yes – moreover –

Graham is delighted…

Image: Illustration of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett for BBC Radio 4’s Good Omens. Yes, illustrated for radio.

… (not an expression he commonly uses, so it must be good) — that “Good Omens,” the seminal Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman collaboration, is finally to be filmed, with a script by Gaiman. Continue reading “Is ‘Good Omens’ Coming A Good Omen?”