Mashing Up The Mashups

The Chaps are no stranger to mashups

… indeed, they are rather fond of them. But the term, as we understand it, typically refers to examples, even exemplifiers, of the same medium being melded together. And we do agree — just because one can does not mean one should.

However — that’s not what we’re talking about here. Rather, we note the illumination that may be gained through looking at one medium through the lens of another.

You mean like this?

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Two Hundred

no not ‘180’…

for our American readers, that’s an English reference that the chaps can explain if there is interest. Meanwhile – back to the plot.

Two hundred.

that is how many posts the chaps have delivered since we launched with number one on The 20th December 2016. That is a lot … we can barely keep up! Not sure how you all are doing it.

More than 1 a day, then. A little obsessive.?


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Still Thinking About Paris

As this Chap mused ruefully, earlier

When US businesses are speaking out en masse in favor of the Paris Agreement, on business grounds, and the head of the EPA is agin it — well, summat’s definitely nasty oop i’t woodshed.

The  evident caprice and almost-risible evasions and denials suggest strongly this was not, shall we say, a consensus political decision … more an individual, less-considered agenda.

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Spot of Banter, Old Chap?

When this Chap entered his current professional employ …

… he was handed a two-page list of acronyms and the like. And it suddenly hit him that there, as with (perhaps) many professions, entire communications could be conducted in a language entirely impenetrable by outsiders —

Asked to describe how he could improve his work, Mr Day told the Committee: “Each department has its own horizon scanning policy development machinery. If I was to identify the first risk, it is this work is stove-piped…. That mechanism starts before the disruptive challenge. Some of the stove-piping is broken down to get departments together about the issues that are approaching.”

Rear Admiral John Kingwell said his committee would conduct “deep dives and experimentation to consider the ‘so-whats’ for defence and security”. Greg Mulholland, a Liberal Democrat MP, had had enough. “I just look at some of the documents we’ve had, some historic and some current. Now it’s all about horizon scanning, trend analysis, road mapping, visioning, gaming, back-casting and this morning we are being told it’s about stovepipes.”

Daily Telegraph

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Is ‘Good Omens’ Coming A Good Omen?

… apparently yes – moreover –

Graham is delighted…

Image: Illustration of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett for BBC Radio 4’s Good Omens. Yes, illustrated for radio.

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