Media Plays Catch Up – Again

This Chap wrote this … way back in November

Now you have to remember that November 2016 is like Decades in ‘Trump Years’ The full 411 – and the key point …

I asked if they had heard of ‘Cambridge Analytica‘. No they hadn’t. Robert Mercer? No.

I let them know that Robert Mercer is the billionaire who is not only Trump’s biggest donor through the SuperPac Make America Number One and his personal donations – but also a major financial backer to – and Cambridge Analytica which is actually owned by a UK company SCL. He was also Ted Cruz’s biggest backer – until he dropped out of the race, which is when he switched to Trump. At that time Cambridge Analytica switched from working on the Cruz campaign to the Trump campaign. Personally, I see a pattern. My new friends didn’t.

Today – from The Associated Press.

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