‘Appen* It’s Another Thing

Graham ‘appened* on this…

As a couple of Tykes, we’re reet proud, aye, and allus up for summat about t’North, like. (Translation: Coming as we do from Yorkshire, we’re very proud of it, and we do take a continued interest in the place, while choosing to not actually live there.)

And so, it seems, is Microsoft. Machine translation from regional dialect is apparently something that has been vexing them (Trans: causing some head-scratching in Redmond). Evidently they are getting somewhere, according to an article in the Register entitled, “Eee by gum! Aye up, Microsoft, what’s tha y’ got? [Trans: I say, Microsoft, what do you have there?] Cloud for accents?” We Chaps are somewhat flattered to see a small (but immensely important and significant) region honored with such attentions. Especially as it’s not been an easy life oop (Trans: up) there… Continue reading “‘Appen* It’s Another Thing”