What Jobs Do You Want Back?

This Chap Noted That …

Robert DeNiro’s recent speech, reported on here in the Guardian

included the observation that Charlie Chaplin would not be allowed into the US today due to Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

It reminded this chap of the intersection between Chaplin …

pun intended?

.. his beliefs and the call by some idiots that we need to bring jobs back to America. These are the kinds of jobs – even today – that have gone. Do you really want them back?

Then there’s the other side — people with few discernible skills placed in positions where they are, evidently, way out of their depth —

while fully convinced they are the best ever. (See Dunning-Kruger effect.)

Uncanny how National Lampoon captured the present-day entourage, all those years ago.

Droning On …

… it’s something that this Chap has been accused of …

but we’re talking of a different kind of drone. One that is your constant companion. I am of course talking about The Hexo+. I mean – who isn’t talking the Hexo+ these days?

If like this chap you get around a bit – you can’t fail to have noticed the scourge of modern society – the selfy stick. No need to describe it – you know what I am talking about. Well, this chap is now happy to report – early days mind you – but nevertheless it is a start – that it is entirely possible that the selfy stick is destined to join the Dodo in the survival stakes.

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