Enter, Stage Right

The Other Chap picked up on this, and passed it to this Chap.

Our hero enters from the right, and we know something, even if we do not know it. We suspect something bad is about to happen —

— or perhaps we just suspect the hero is a Japanese anime character. This came to our notice through the wonderful Futility Closet, which uses TinTin as an example, pointing out that most movements there are left to right: Right to left movements always have adverse outcomes.

Incidentally, the above image should be unsettling — it was deliberately flipped just for that effect.

This is the original.

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Tommy Gun – No Relation To Peter Gunn

John was just musing …

… we Chaps seem to do a lot of that … how funny it is that things come along together in funny little coincidental packages. You know – – you have this idea that you are going to buy a Mini GT with racing trim – thinking that sporting such a natty little ride would so set you apart from others on the road – well – why wouldn’t you want to stand out? So you slap down several hundred ‘hunskis’ on the counter of your local dealership – drive off the lot – and blow me down – doesn’t just everyone suddenly seem to be driving Mini GTs with black racing trim!

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John read this morning …

… that some wag has developed a robot to complete the ‘I am not a robot’ captcha that some sites seem to enjoy putting humanity through the ringer on. John couldn’t have cared less. This. This robot here. This robot he could care a lot about.

You know the singularity has arrived when the robots start playing marimbas. Shimon, engineer Guy Hoffman’s robot musician, doesn’t play programmed music — it improvises in ensembles with human players, communicating with a “socially expressive head” and favoring musical ideas that are unlikely to be chosen by humans, so as to lead the performance in genuinely novel directions.

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Molasses – Yes … Molasses

John believes they have had a bad rap.

According to the Urban Dictionary, we have an expression. I am sure you know it …

Slower than molasses

… which translates roughly to something like “to move or function in a slow sloth-like way … compared to cooking molasses in a slow cooker.” And the inevitable ‘working real world example … “this bus is moving slower than molasses!”. Bottom line, the human race generally takes the idea of Mollases as being slooooooooow. Very, very sloooow.

As a kid. John was a little unclear as to what was – and was not – ‘a molasses’, because of course when John was a lad – there wasn’t ‘a google’. I know, but life back then was different children. We had a simpler life.

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