Spare A Tear For Rupert Murdoch

No, really …

With all the tragedies and dramas going on in the world these days, this chap was concerned that one small personal tragedy was not getting its due consideration — its fair shake, if you will. So please consider this, for a moment: Rupert Murdoch, owner of most of …

all of?

… the profitable media in the world, it seems, apparently can’t get enough of an audience in the UK for his own Fox News on his (almost) own Sky TV to make it viable. So it was ejected removed from the schedule. Sad, yes?

Straight up. It says so right here.

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Adventures In Brand Suicide

Graham is shocked …

… to see what some people think is good for their brand.

PEPSI: Oh God, this is the worst corporate PR disaster ever.
UNITED: Hold my beer…

“What were they thinking?” For the last few days, social media has been like an echo chamber — or something by Philip Glass or the Chainsmokers — with that phrase bouncing off the bandwidth, repeating over and over, seasoned with the occasional variant of “What the fuck were they thinking?” Pepsi and United’s forays into brand suicide were so obvious even to Joe/Joan Average that when Saturday Night Live satirized Pepsi’s commercial, they needed only to give us one end of the conversation as the hapless “director” describes to various uninvolved third parties what he is doing. In a fine performance (Beck Bennett), the actor’s facial expressions, body language,  and occasional attempts to interject told us all we needed to know of the responses from the unheard end.


As for United, the memes came thick and fast, including a clip from “Airplane” re-titled “United Training Manual” —

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