I Do Like A Good Romantic Comedy

The Chaps do enjoy looking at things a little differently, which is why this chap though he should share this particular take on The Silence of the Lambs. Imagine if you will Anthony and Jodie playing it as a RomCom.

I’ll see your “Lambs” recut — well, have seen, actually — and raise you “The Shining”

Socrates Redux

John is well aware that …

… sometimes these dialogues live on beyond the publication date, even when there are just two chaps chatting. That is why the chaps are trying to work out how to not lose that spirit, but at the same time make sure our esteemed readers also benefit from the ‘chap rap’.

Trust me, it’s complicated enough when just two chaps are involved, but we are confident that we will get there. But now there’s a bit of a wrinkle. Turns out that even before we arrive at a solution, yet another chap has weighed in on the comments, where we also dialogue.

Not of itself a problem – afterall – comments have been scurrying in for a while now. No, the problem lies with the other chap …

oh yeah – blame it on me

… who is not satisfied with leaving a particular dialogue in the comments but rather wants to introduce the other chap and bring one of those comments into a post of its own. Are you with me?

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