There Are Just No Words

… to explain some of the stuff we unearth. But unearth we do – and share we must.

If you are keeping count …

… you will have noticed that this chap is delivering posts today faster than a Gatling … and yes he recalls back then writing;

… we are done with guns for now.

Well, that was then … different times. And we are, but sometimes you just need the reference to make the point. Anyway. suffice to say, this chap has been faced with a backlog of stuff that he has been thinking about sharing and writing and commenting on. When originally saved, he had entire posts in his head. Still does in fact …. Continue reading “There Are Just No Words”

Jonesing towards Bethlehem?

… before we get going, this chap would like to point out the possibility that though our readers might have heard of Alex Jones and Infowars, they might have missed out on his recent Performance Art defence. In itself – arguably – some of his best performance art. Then of course, this chap is not the expert on that particular topic.

Meanwhile …

Graham has worked in performance art …

… and seriously, knows whereof he speaks. Be warned, though, you can’t talk about this stuff in front of the kids. (Yes, Ian, we’re talking about you, Jude, and the herring… ) But it was always a broad tent and, frankly, needed one from time to time (yes, Ian and Jude, we do mean you).

So, why would he be reluctant to consider Alex Jones any sort of peer or colleague?

It’s not the content. Being (seriously, NSFW) shocking is par for the performance art course –– expected, in fact.

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The Educational Butterfly Flaps Its Wings, And….

Graham had some very worrying thoughts …

Did US teachers set the stage for the current wave of anti-authority populism and anti-intellectualism by disparaging Wikipedia as a source, and requiring kids to do their “own” research (aka Google)? Remembering that Wikipedia is not only more accurate than Britannica but more current.

Has an uninformed stance undermined a generation’s possible respect for authoritative information, replacing it with an implicit encouragement to find sources that confirm their beliefs? Continue reading “The Educational Butterfly Flaps Its Wings, And….”

Santa And The Dying Child – A Study In The Making Of Fake News

Graham found this …

… heart-warming story that went viral …. a hospital Santa holds a dying boy in his arms. Except for one small problem …. no-one ever checked to see if it was true. And now major media outlets that sucked it up are trying to walk it back. It just exemplifies how little actual journalism is practised these days. Continue reading “Santa And The Dying Child – A Study In The Making Of Fake News”