If Trump Wants A Grand Parade…

Then a grand parade, by golly, he should have.

Of course, in a version suitably sized to the attendance at his inauguration, and tailored to both his musical taste and knowledge of military technology. The Chaps are happy to offer a preview.

So, a grand-ish parade, then.

At best…

No, no need to thank us. Our pleasure.

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Did you note the marching on that Naval chief?

Certainly did. Cadet Bone Spurs could probably do as well.

Well, if it were not for him being who he is…

Sizing Up The Opposition

 My nuclear button is bigger than your nuclear button

Yes, it’s come to this. Diplomacy, reality-show-host style.

In the end, and we do mean ‘The End’, isn’t the “my missile is bigger than your missile” debate pretty irrelevant?

Yes – if not proof absolute that ‘size really does not matter’.

Spare A Tear For Rupert Murdoch

No, really …

With all the tragedies and dramas going on in the world these days, this chap was concerned that one small personal tragedy was not getting its due consideration — its fair shake, if you will. So please consider this, for a moment: Rupert Murdoch, owner of most of …

all of?

… the profitable media in the world, it seems, apparently can’t get enough of an audience in the UK for his own Fox News on his (almost) own Sky TV to make it viable. So it was ejected removed from the schedule. Sad, yes?

Straight up. It says so right here.

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Well What Happened There Then

This Chap’s Jaw Just Dropped

Remember This?

Fake News Apparently … Read On!

The Chaps responsible for the distribution of fake news. Quel chagrin.

Have to say, this Chap is also a little disappointed the BBC did not go with a proven replacement…

Knowing, as this Chap does, the other Chap fairly well, the reader may be assured that he is just yanking everyone’s chain with the above…

True indeed. Ms. Whittaker is a marvellous actor and this Chap looks forward to seeing what she and Chibnall do.

I still think Kris would have been a good one.