Being English

The Other Chap Spotted This …

This Chap Recognised The Humor … but suggests that the cartoonist is in fact not fully steeped in The old  ‘Lingua Anglais’ …. otherwise they would have known that we never travel solo.


Happy now? Resemblance is uncanny, though…

Dragging it out

Graham came across ….

… this odd contrast in the empowering and disempowering effects of cross-dressing.

This fascinating little documentary shows the progression of a Chinese-American gay man — going un-noticed in San Francisco’s gay community, finding his voice, calling, and identity as a drag queen, Panda Dulce, who also reads to children in the SF Public Library (where yes, Virginia, there is indeed a Drag Queen Story Hour).

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Theresa May One-Ups Putin

John opines …

… I am not a fan of leather trousers unless you are going to a fancy dress party. Private Eye spotted this and delved into both price and whether or not ‘leathers in the commons’ were indeed de rigour?

I think the Tories have long been wearing their leathers – just maybe not as visibly as our Theresa is. More shall we say behind the closed doors of the London Clubs.
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