A Little Under The Weather

We can relate.

Well, yes, the Chaps have been there from time to time.

is nothing private any more?

We don’t recall this person being with us, but then, perhaps we wouldn’t…

From the new Very British Problems ….

Volume 3 Actually …. which gives this chap an idea.

… book, the author adding kindly:

Sparing a thought for anyone at the silent stage…

Still No Words ….

The Gatling Continues


No – not the sexual predator that just got fired from Phaux news. Nor indeed the esteemed book publisher. No. No – the Auto Parts people …

Did you know that on their site it is possible to try to buy and ‘EB Enterprises Flux Capacitor’ … you didn’t? Go take a look.

You might find it useful if you want to go back in time and change the course of history. (And who doesn’t these days?)

Except that if Graham could have bought one, then surely he already would have. And would probably have engineered this entire blog. Not to mention, unlikely meeting — to make sure the Other Chap would have never written the above. Or at least, have phrased it in a way that made it look like a hoax. Possibly …

Exactly. I think …

Number Two At The Interior Department

Not satisfied with Ryan Zinke as the number one , the number two – who is yet to be approved by the Senate is this guy.

Lest you have forgotten … Continue reading “Still No Words ….”

There Are Just No Words

… to explain some of the stuff we unearth. But unearth we do – and share we must.

If you are keeping count …

… you will have noticed that this chap is delivering posts today faster than a Gatling … and yes he recalls back then writing;

… we are done with guns for now.

Well, that was then … different times. And we are, but sometimes you just need the reference to make the point. Anyway. suffice to say, this chap has been faced with a backlog of stuff that he has been thinking about sharing and writing and commenting on. When originally saved, he had entire posts in his head. Still does in fact …. Continue reading “There Are Just No Words”

Time To Move?

… possibly – but not for the reasons you might think. Then again, both of us chaps are well over qualified for libation consumption anywhere in the world. Still, makes for interesting watching. No?

And of course – another example of this fine country being a little behind the rest of the world. Have to say – I do wonder where the term ‘American Leadership’ came from.

Brought to you via the wonderful person at Flowing Data.

Enough’s Enough


John just read …

… this, and felt rather more than a little annoyed.

Having been a consumer of the beer beverage for many a year, an early member of CAMRA, a share holder in Black Sheep and at times seemingly single-handedly propping up the entire microbrew industry here in California, he does get a little upset when those bearded gentlemen start messing around with beers producing such questionable delights as a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Porter, an Avocado Honey Ale or a Key Lime Pie.

These should all be filed in the ‘just because you can – doesn’t mean you should’ drawer of your nearest filing cabinet. Continue reading “Enough’s Enough”

The End Is Nigh

John believes that civilisation is just about over.

There can be no excuse for such a crass invention and further both Keurig and Anheuser-Busch should be taken to court to even think of this. Then again the latter should probably have been taken to court years ago for their crimes against beer, so not holding my breath.