Build The Wall Or Build The Hedge

Build The Hedge

Thanks to Atlas Obscura for this obscure fact in the atlas …

The British Once Built a 1,100-Mile Hedge Through the Middle of India

Build The Hedge
Illustration By Nigel Sussman via Atlas Obscura

Telling … and maybe a lesson for the ‘wall’ advocates ….

Through the whole of its existence, the Great Hedge of India was beset by difficulties and never quite accomplished its purpose.

The article is worth a read if only for such lines as ..

More than a century later, the writer Moxham went looking for traces of this living monument to British hegemony and persistence.

This Chap Is Confused

Can we start off with something we don’t know?

Well .. did you know that there is a secret entrance to the Whitehouse

I did not

Yup – apparently – well documented, including here … on Atlas Obscura The title of which is ‘Secret Entrance to the White House’

So what are you confused about

Well for a start – the word ‘secret’ ..