See Things Differently

This chap is actually very taken with a discipline in art that uses context, perspective and position before it makes sense .

For example in a recent article over on Biz Catalyst, he referenced the Apple video ‘Seen Things Differently’ – and great example of that work. He even referenced the debate as to whether Apple really did borrow OK Go’s creative ideas for their video.

Then of course there is the guy who pained signage inside a Melbourne Garage that only makes sense JUST at the moment you need to know what to do …

Scenes form inside Melbourne’s Eureka Tower Car Park

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Posthumous 2017 Darwin Award

… well a contender at the very least. Click on through if you don’t know of the Darwin Awards.

This Chap marvels at the …

… idiocy, inadequacy of knowledge, stupidity, ignorance .. I am not sure what it is – but really?

A British man was fatally electrocuted as a result of charging an iPhone while he was using it in the bath, a coroner has recorded. The coroner warned of the dangers of using electrical devices in bathrooms, and said that he would be writing to Apple about the case …

The assumption is that this was Dick before his bath. Maybe that Red Label impaired the judgement?

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