The Thing Is … Things Are A Thing

The route to arrive at the name of this publication was long and tortured – and in some ways driven by URL availability … you can tell that when you realize that we are @ .co not – they are another thing entirely … well not exactly entirely …

The Other And Another Thing

It is in all honesty rather a nice site, with wit and observations about things that drive that particular gentleman crazy. Trust me – they typically drive this chap crazy aswell.

And of course the wonderful Alec Baldwin podcast ‘Here’s The Thing’, Well worth a listen.

But to the point …

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Let’s Look Back, But Not In Anger!

The Chaps are readying themselves for a bit of a transition. But we hope you won’t notice. Anyway, in anticipation, this chap has been looking around the site and thought he would share some links to some posts that have been updated since they were originally published. We think improved – but really that’s your vote not ours. Why not click in have a gander and share into the big wide world.

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