The Art Of The Possible …

… did you know that there were so many books called ‘The Art of The Possible’.

This chap didn’t …

… moreover, none of them is the book that he thought he was thinking of.  But let’s put that aside for a minute. This chap was more taken by this single quote

Imagine that you are falling into a bucket of red paint that then morphs you into an octopus where you can then exit a room through a door and fall into the bucket of red paint again.

Jaron Lanier Continue reading “The Art Of The Possible …”

Reverse Engineering A Cocktail

Now this struck this chap as a very necessary web site …

You get home from work, open up the drinks cabinet and review your extensive supply of opened bottles of hooch, sitting along-side questionable Vermouths and the Schnapps and Ouzo bottles with labels that you cannot read from those holidays you went on a few years ago. Do you settle on The G and T? The straight up Bourbon (maybe with a chunk of ice)?

No you decide, reaching into the cabinet for the cocktail recipe book that the kids gave you for Christmas a couple of years ago. Continue reading “Reverse Engineering A Cocktail”

US Chaps From The UK In The US

This Chap started to write this post …

… after returning from a recent trip to the UK and just as the other chap was setting off on his own particular international sojourn.

While on his travels, this chap read all about how the newly anointed king of America new President of the United States had implemented some kind of a ban on citizens of seven countries, regardless of their legal status. (Let’s not give it a name, we all know what we are talking about).

To be clear, this chap is English, Continue reading “US Chaps From The UK In The US”

Border Wall

John reveals …

… that he just had to add this one. He had seen the meme floating around – but the specific cartoon provided courtesy of ‘Yet Another Chap’. As he wrote …

The razor wire in the parts list was an inspired addition.

BTW – that new category is in honour of our ‘readers’? watchers’? Now forever … participants. Thankyou. And keep them coming.