There Are No Absolutes

John is living in dark times …

… because, if you don’t already read the excellent Clients From Hell, you might have missed this post about a client asking about making the black on his web-site darker.

Client: Is there any way we can make that element more black?”.

Me: It’s #000000. So no.

Client: There isn’t a darker black?

Well, little did he know … turns out that he should have checked in with sculptor Anish Kapoor, who was … Continue reading “There Are No Absolutes”

The End Of The World Is Nigh

John now believes that this is true …

I am reminded that there are those that liken America’s current fall from grace in the world  to the ‘Last Days of Rome’.  Bottom line, ‘Rome’ falling because of the disconnected, debauchery of the despots in Rome from the rest of their civilisation. Having just read that we are now serving dinners on IPads … I kid you not – I can only but agree.

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It’s The Content – Not The Pipe

Graham agrees that the revolution won’t be televised …

… but it could be streaming already …

In 1989, UK TV viewers experienced a revolution — satellite channels broke the wired TV monopoly.  US viewers have been used to a wider variety for years. But now some of the best shows around — Westworld, Stranger Things, Transparent — are on media channels new to everyone. And if you’re watching them, you’ve had to change the way you watch. Continue reading “It’s The Content – Not The Pipe”

Bursting Your Own Bubble

Graham gets serious …

Among the soul-searching prompted by Donald Trump’s overturning of electoral predictions, ‘looking outside your bubble’ seems important. As media channels become increasingly siloed, it requires more conscious effort to see the point of view of others. Fortunately, some media are taking steps. Take for example the article ‘ Is Civilian Control of the Military in Jeopardy?‘ from ‘The American Conservative’

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