An Immigrant Story

Graham muses…

Perhaps it’s coincidence. Perhaps it really just is a good story. But briefly, we put aside our reservations about the nature of — whatever it is Anheuser-Busch manufactures, and consider their SuperBowl ad, which was just previewed.

Probably just a coincidence, jah?

Facebook Doesn’t Have An Ethics Problem. It Has A Morality Problem

Graham is concerned …

… that Facebook, which he uses a lot, has lost its way. Worse still, it is identifying the wrong problems, and imposing stale solutions even to those.

From Zuckerberg’s embarrassing efforts at “stewardship for the long term” in Hawaii — which came across as a plantation-owner-style land grab and seem to have led to a very public walkback (and which we have discussed on this very blog) — to allegations of racially-based censorship, wink-wink toleration of (very profitable) fake news, and disingenuous responses to these and many other criticisms, it seems sometimes like a brand outrunning itself.

Perhaps the real problem, though — Continue reading “Facebook Doesn’t Have An Ethics Problem. It Has A Morality Problem”

Is ‘Good Omens’ Coming A Good Omen?

… apparently yes – moreover –

Graham is delighted…

Image: Illustration of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett for BBC Radio 4’s Good Omens. Yes, illustrated for radio.

… (not an expression he commonly uses, so it must be good) — that “Good Omens,” the seminal Terry Pratchett/Neil Gaiman collaboration, is finally to be filmed, with a script by Gaiman. Continue reading “Is ‘Good Omens’ Coming A Good Omen?”

With Only Science On Your Side

Graham started this piece a while ago …

… and as it turns out is oh so suddenly very very relevant …

Typically, scientific iconoclasts range themselves against scientific institutions and accepted theory. This is not an easy task, can be very costly, and brings few plaudits. If you’re going up against, say, the embedded wisdom institutions and resources of the ‘War On Cancer’ — a Nixon concept, by the way, drawing from his other ‘Wars On…’ then you’d probably need a cadre of experts backing you, some heavyweight institutions, and plenty of cash to cover your lost research grants. But what if all you have on your side is science? Continue reading “With Only Science On Your Side”

Politics Are Changing … So Is Revolution

John Likes The Guardian …

But sometimes they just seem a little off. Take this piece for example, where Micah White suggests that the Women’s March might just be a dud.

Without a clear path from march to power, the protest is destined to be an ineffective feelgood spectacle adorned with pink pussy hats.

and then goes on to compare it to the ‘failed’ Occupy movement … Continue reading “Politics Are Changing … So Is Revolution”