More Perspective

This chap wonders if there is ‘something in the air’.

…. other than oxygen you mean?

well yes – other than oxygen.

First there was this.

here’s the question – are you inside the cage looking out, or outside the cage looking in?

and then I just spotted this over at Futility Closet … nice little piece.

So – how did the air fit in … I’m guessing it’s nothing to do with Thunderclap?

Ok. I know you’ve been hanging elsewhere recently – but I thought you would at least be reading our publication. Follow the links – love might have been in the air 50 years ago – but these days it is perspective!


This Chap Spotted That Bill Wyman

wrote this article. NO – not that Bill Wyman. This Bill Wyman. Anyway, the point is that he ranked all 165 PinkFloyd’s ‘songs’ – really … songs? Wouldn’t ‘tracks’ be a better descriptor.

I read Number 165. I agreed (as far as I have ever tracked (if you will pardon the pun) that the Floyd had even produced 165 tracks. But overall I agreed. The resounding quote says it all … Continue reading “Rankings”