Micro Blog Safely Delivering A Post To WordPress

This is a specific post – with a specific reason.

The specifics relate to using this plug in on one of my wordpress blogs – thankyou for the link @manton

The idea is that this post gets fed through to And Another Thing. When it arrives it will be classed as ‘Pending’ – so as not to inundate you dear readers at And Another Thing.

I will then visit the site from time to time and publish the posts that are relevant.
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Shop Class as Soulcraft

I captured the following information on this 📚 somewhere ( maybe even here ). I haven’t read it – but it is on my list. I like the look of it. It seems to have a Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance feel to it and right in line with the work I am doing here. Has anyone read it? Recommend it?

A book that I loved reading that provides insights here is “Shop Class as Soulcraft.” It’s an inquiry into the nature and depth of cognition and levels of expertise and experience at play in work that society under values (for example, motorcycle mechanic).

Shop Class as Soulcraft
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Steven Wilson

File Under : 🎵

Over the past ten days I have dropped a daily entry of an image, with a comment into the music feed. This is the eleventh in the series of ten (doffing cap to Spike Milligan) that provides some context – and links back – to those entries. Suffice to say – I class Steven Wilson as one of the most prolific musicians and sound engineers that we have ever seen. It isn’t just the quantity – surely bands like The Dead and Phish can beat him on that count … but more the quantity with the both quality and variety of what he produces.

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Informed Consent

A question raised recently, that ‘everyone’ should be able to answer …

How do you make a judgement about what is safe to do online?

Good question. But I specifically put ‘everyone’ in quote marks because I worry about ‘everyone’. I worry that given that people generally do nothing to protect their passwords … think yellow stickies on monitors, using thr same password across all services, sharing your password(s) with friends … however you look at it – whatever you do …. if that is hard to understand – we have an uphill battle with ’Informed Consent’
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Artists Start To Get Paid A Bit More

Read All About It

“A federal copyright board has raised the music streaming royalties for songwriters and music publishers by more than 40% to narrow the financial divide separating them from recording labels.


Up to this point, music streaming platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music Unlimited, Pandora, and others, have had to pay out 10.5 percent of their revenue to music publishers and songwriters. Now, though, after the court ruling, those platforms will need to fork over 15.1 percent of their revenue.

It is still amazing to me how little artists get paid for streaming. While this is a step forward … it is a long way from being fair. Afterall, people complain about the Tax on the app store at 30% – and yet a tax of 90% being reduced to 85% percent for music makes the news and is seen as acceptable.

What am I missing?


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