Been Here, Done This Presidency …

Graham feels he has been here before.

A charismatic, thin-skinned, hot-tempered, buffoonish leader. A coterie of wild-eyed zealots and pulchritudinous women, devoted and available to the leader, and with some crossover between the categories. A public persona at once relentlessly positive and self-praising, and defensive. A wider group of disillusioned idealists, eager for the social effect and meaning that have so far eluded them. And a socio-economic vehicle with a promise to upturn existing social models. If this sounds familiar — it shouldn’t. It’s a description of a cult with which Graham was involved in the early 80s.

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Gizza job, he said…

Graham thought, again…

…be careful what you wish for…

…It has become apparent, say those close to the president, most of whom requested anonymity to describe the inner workings of the White House, that the transition from overseeing a family business to running the country has been tough on him.

A paragraph that could have been written by an Englishman, in its desperate, civilized-at-any-cost understatement. To mis-quote Will S, and why not, that little gem is “a tale told by an Englishman, stripped of sound and fury, signifying everything…”

Or as an American put it — and we chaps do admire the venom they can put into things, on the rare occasions they choose …

Donald Trump, a skill-free inheritance baby with a virtually unbroken lifelong track record of incompetence and failure, has found that running the United States government is a tougher job than lending his name to mail-order steak delivery scams run by other people.

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Enough’s Enough


John just read …

… this, and felt rather more than a little annoyed.

Having been a consumer of the beer beverage for many a year, an early member of CAMRA, a share holder in Black Sheep and at times seemingly single-handedly propping up the entire microbrew industry here in California, he does get a little upset when those bearded gentlemen start messing around with beers producing such questionable delights as a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Porter, an Avocado Honey Ale or a Key Lime Pie.

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Molasses – Yes … Molasses

John believes they have had a bad rap.

According to the Urban Dictionary, we have an expression. I am sure you know it …

Slower than molasses

… which translates roughly to something like “to move or function in a slow sloth-like way … compared to cooking molasses in a slow cooker.” And the inevitable ‘working real world example … “this bus is moving slower than molasses!”. Bottom line, the human race generally takes the idea of Mollases as being slooooooooow. Very, very sloooow.

As a kid. John was a little unclear as to what was – and was not – ‘a molasses’, because of course when John was a lad – there wasn’t ‘a google’. I know, but life back then was different children. We had a simpler life.

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Comes A Horseman

Graham observes dolefully …

… that the horseman is likely white, and one of four. As a friend of his recently commented …

Rickets, scurvy, whooping cough, and TB have come roaring back in England.  What a time to be alive, albeit with a wicked cough. Chronic TB will help cure any lingering obesity issues England may be having, too.

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The End Of The World Is Nigh

John now believes that this is true …

I am reminded that there are those that liken America’s current fall from grace in the world  to the ‘Last Days of Rome’.  Bottom line, ‘Rome’ falling because of the disconnected, debauchery of the despots in Rome from the rest of their civilisation. Having just read that we are now serving dinners on IPads … I kid you not – I can only but agree.

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Softies Gone Soft In The Head?

Graham has had an experience – and is wondering …

… if A Massive OS Company Makes An Empty Apology For Its Malware-Like Updates, Is It Sound?

For those who fought the highly-pressured Win10 update, preferring to stay with what we have, thank you, it seems stable this time, but got forcibly upgraded anyway, are we at all interested that Microsoft now says, hmm, maybe we were a little aggressive? Continue reading “Softies Gone Soft In The Head?”