Here We Go Again

Monday 2nd October

There is nothing to add to what went on today … the other chap and I had a line – we decided it was too soon – maybe another time …. Meanwhile – allow me to highlight two articles that crossed this chap’s feeds today.

Serious Post From Vox, some highlights
  • America has 4.4 percent of the world’s population, but almost half of the civilian-owned guns around the world
  • There have been more than 1,500 mass shootings since Sandy Hook
  • Since the shooting of Michael Brown, police have killed at least 2,900 people
  • In states with more guns, more police officers are also killed on duty
Nevada was already an outlier!

Gun violence in America, explained in 17 maps and charts

Serious Post From McSweeney, with serious humour, some highlights

Things more heavily regulated than buying a gun in the United States ….

  • Having a fucking bake sale
  • Pumping fucking gas
  • Disposing of fucking batteries
  • Cutting fucking hair for a living
  • Holding any sort of public fucking performance
  • Xeroxing and distributing copyrighted fucking material
  • Transporting a bottle of opened fucking wine home from a restaurant
  • Buying unpasteurized fucking milk

Get the whole list on McSweeney’s

And Another Thing
Just one last thought, in the insult-to-injury section: the harm may not be over. The LV shooter may yet destroy financlally the victims he wounded physically. From The Intercept

The hundreds wounded are being tended to in Clark County’s network of hospitals in Nevada. But because this is a country that has never had guaranteed universal health care, they will soon be besieged by a second tragedy: enormous medical bills…. Asking strangers for charitable donations to tackle medical bills is ubiquitous in the United States. A report by NerdWallet released in 2015 found that $930 million of the $2 billion raised by GoFundMe since its 2010 launch have been related to medical bills. Yet NerdWallet’s comprehensive survey of crowdfunding sites found that barely 1 in 10 medical campaigns raised the full amount they asked for.

In the Manchester attack, American Kurt Cochran was killed. His wife, Melissa Cochran, returned to the U.S. with the need for continuous care. With no American NHS, she had to set up a GoFundMe to finance her treatment. Thankfully, this one both met and exceeded its goal, having raised $83,512.

It’s the price of a free-market approach to health care.

Still, better than socialized medicine, yes?

Or, as Bill O’Reilly put it, The Price Of Freedom

Particularly liked “The NRA and its supporters want easy access to weapons, while the left wants them banned.” … implication, no retardspublicans want gun control and no dems want easy access to weapons … douche.

It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

As you might imagine, producing such an organ of depth and breadth as this particular publication is no mean feat. We are often never asked how we do it … but heh – since we are the chaps – thought we would share anyway. Don’t tell anyone, but we have a very sophisticated collaborative process – it’s called email. Side note – we don’t care what The Zuck says – email is the first and still the largest social network on the planet. Still, back to the plot.

This morning, this chap got a contextually relevant, system alert (that’s what you people call an email) that indicated that a post was pending and needing my attention. Needless to say – this chap got right onto it. After his coffee, slice of toast and his morning exercise stretch.

He read the content, excellent as always. When the other chap extracts said digit, he really is rather good. But. But – there was a sense of ‘surely we have commented on this before’ sense. (sic).

But, this chap ploughed on, came up with a suitable response and readied himself for the riposte, clicking through to start the edit and situation confirmed … we had published it back in April.

Still, having researched – thought I would add my words anyway … go take a look.

Let it just be said, though, that part of the secret of using email is sending the right message. (Actually, the secret of lots of things…) Turns out this Chap had included the wrong URL in the notification – was meant to be this one. Oh well.


This Chap Is Confused

Can we start off with something we don’t know?

Well .. did you know that there is a secret entrance to the Whitehouse

I did not

Yup – apparently – well documented, including here … on Atlas Obscura The title of which is ‘Secret Entrance to the White House’

So what are you confused about

Well for a start – the word ‘secret’ ..

Just Because You Can… (Part 1)

…does not mean one actually should. However…

While the Chaps are always appreciative of Great Leaps Forward, they also appreciate Great Leaps Sideways, or in some cases Great Standings Still. So it is with a sigh of relief from the other, more depressing technological high-jinks around at present that the Chaps greet the newest Ig Nobel Prizes. Or, as they style themselves, research that could not, and probably should not, be repeated.

There is also a Journal of Irreproducible Results–

but such things seems to have gone worryingly mainstream of late.

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This chap has previously waxed lyrical on AR Kit .. mainly here … but this one takes the cake … using Augmented Reality to design Augmented Reality …. whoa!


Only 11?

“Will help biceps toning too…” — so, heavy and cumbersome? Just asking… </snark>

The Chaps Eclipse Eclipse Guides

There are many Eclipse ‘dos and don’ts’ floating around …

… some even including the term “widdershins.” But this Chap at least found this among the more useful. That is, no less useful than many.

One understands Ms Raitt will be having her say on the matter, too.

And why not …

… and the chaps would be remiss if not to guide you with our own insights …
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What Does It Mean To Be A Fan

Spotted On Some Social Media Board Somewhere:

A picture from an old Pink Floyd concert – entitled ‘Pink’

Entitled … I see what you did there!

The Response, Just Below It:
“Which one?”
The Response, Just Below That:
“Which one’s what?”

… which got this chap to wondering. He happens to know the Pink Floyd catalogue. Rather too well actually, but that’s altogether another thing  …

And can, apparently, actually remember it. And you know what they say about remembering Pink Floyd concerts…

Well this chap is talking albums – not concerts – but still – I assume you are referencing that old line “If you can ‘remember it’ – well – you just weren’t there!” ?

Of course this chap immediately got the lyrical reference from Wish You Were Here.

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The Chord Turned Upside Down

Welcome to the dark side …

No, not Aussie music, not that there’s anything wrong with the convict heritage… This Chap is actually very partial to Midnight Oil, in particular…

… whose polemic against corporate exploitation of both natural resources and people with no other choice came some 27 years ago!

.. and I assume we are also not back to Pink Floyd so please – do go on …

Thank you!

… because we aren’t exactly searching for this Chord are we? Just inverting it? Continue reading “The Chord Turned Upside Down”