Excuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy

This Chap Reporting On Some Fine Words …

Jimi HENDRIX; performing live onstage (Photo by David Redfern/Redferns)

… from even yet another chap that is not the same as this other chap – nor indeed yet another chap that kicked off all this ‘yet another chap’ malarkey. I think the chaps are going to have to come up with a more logical ontology to hold it all together.

Anyway, suffice to say that this chap – not this chap (as in myself), no, the chap about which I started speaking …. has definitely not been quoted on this site before. The chap was explaining that a word he used in an email was his attempt to influence the OED … and then regaled this chap with this story …

The OED has a process and criteria for accepting new words — words such as “mondegreen” which was created by a woman who, as a child, listened to her mother read to her and misunderstood the phrase, “They’ve slain the Earl of Glammis and laid him on the green” to be “They’ve slain the Earl of Glammis and Lady Mondegreen.”  Now, modegreen is in the OED.  I love it!

Yet Another Chap

… and so do I.

Well, in that case you might just enjoy this from the NEW YORKER.

Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness

The Chaps contribution to this years July 4th Thinking

This Chap Was Delighted …

.. to have an email pop across the transom this morning. Much like the other chap, he’s not known for his ability to slip on the sneakers in the morning for that 10-mile run, or ‘drop and give anyone ‘5’ ‘ at a moments notice … no – we are fervently of the opinion that exercising the mind is our priority.

Turns out we are right … just some of the ‘Q and As’ that we became aware of today. Continue reading “Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness”

Spotted – So Sharing (6)

This chap continues to be amazed by what you find out there … and he is not easily amazed.

That Would Be It ….

Creationist Ken Ham blames atheists and ‘fake news’ for failing Ark Encounter theme park

Read All About It If You Must

Maybe there is hope?

Except I never knew that it was tax payer subsidized.

The organization behind a tax-payer subsidized “replica” of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky is blaming atheists for tax-payers getting fleeced by the project.

Continue reading “Spotted – So Sharing (6)”

All Our Yesterdays

… trust me they aren’t as good – or innocent – as we think.

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

Tom Robbins – Still Life with Woodpecker

“Happy,” maybe — but what about “scary” …

… this Chap wondered?

Because in a casual cruise through the wilds of Imgur,

Cough – you dont often read ‘casual cruise’ and ‘imgur’ in the same sentence!

… this Chap came across this discussion — on that most innocent and friendly of childhood story characters, Thomas The Tank Engine.

This young innocent seems very close…

Continue reading “All Our Yesterdays”

Now I’m Not Comparing …

… but this Chap …

… happened to come across what ‘The Leader of The Free World’ wrote in The guest book of The Holocaust Survivor’s Museum in Israel back in 2008. And then what Trump wrote when he dropped by this week.

In case you can’t make it out – some other chap (ess?) made it easier to read … even though they don’t know how to spell Holocaust … DOH!


So moronic.

Either way works.

Somehow this Chap would not have been surprised to see the “i”s dotted with little hearts…

They were.

Where Art Meets Science

And the chaps would like to congratulate Mr. Kris Marshall – who will be playing the 13th incarnation of ‘the other’ doctor.

.. the “Other Doctor”
— that is, Chap, notes that …
… he did in fact know the Seventh Doctor, who as Mr McCoy, held the UK record for “ferrets-down-the-trousers” … and that he is oddly reticent about having seen the very first episode of Dr Who on both original and rebroadcast.
… when but an infant, no doubt.

John responds
‘When but an infant’ …. yup that would be it.
I thought that the ferret reference referenced (sic) Richard Gere

Graham …
Oh wait – for a minute I thought that you thought that this was a real story.

John …
really? how long have we been dating  known each other?

Douglas Adams Contributes …

… we are still thinking this through, but have an idea to drop great quotes on top of our header images, branded with our logo … and see how far it travels. We still aren’t sure that this is the right ‘look’ – but I think we like the idea.

How about you?