Secret Bilderberg Meetings

This particular chap had never heard of the Bilderberg Meetings …. and has to say right out of the box … it isn’t the meetings that are secret … they have a web site that tells you all about them. Well – at least when they were held, who was there and who runs them. It’s just what was discussed that seems to be kept under wraps.

And that is all well and good … I mean … even if we wanted to know everything about everything that goes on in the world – well – we just couldn’t – could we?

For example … the 65th and latest meeting occurred just this past June.

The World Order connected through Bilderberg

The names involved include only 4 names from the tech community .. Continue reading “Secret Bilderberg Meetings”

Build The Wall Or Build The Hedge

Build The Hedge

Thanks to Atlas Obscura for this obscure fact in the atlas …

The British Once Built a 1,100-Mile Hedge Through the Middle of India

Build The Hedge
Illustration By Nigel Sussman via Atlas Obscura

Telling … and maybe a lesson for the ‘wall’ advocates ….

Through the whole of its existence, the Great Hedge of India was beset by difficulties and never quite accomplished its purpose.

The article is worth a read if only for such lines as ..

More than a century later, the writer Moxham went looking for traces of this living monument to British hegemony and persistence.

Rudderless – That’s The Leadership In The UK

As we observed yesterday, both Nature and Beer Glasses abhor vacuums … so too with leadership.

Given that Nigel Farage is this country’s de facto prime minister – pulling the strings of a weak and directionless prime minister.

We’re doomed I tell you. Doomed ….

Read All About It.

Why is that all these kind of people (both in the UK and the US) look gormless, demonic or clueless ….

… if not all three.

Democracy At Work In America

Each (candidate) received 11,608 votes in the race for a Newport News-based seat in the Virginia legislature’s lower chamber.

… so how do you decide the tie break … why a lottery of course …. so as a result …

Republicans will fully control Virginia’s House of Delegates after an incumbent GOP member won a drawing Thursday to decide a tied election — and potentially the fate of Medicaid expansion in the state.

Read All About It:

You would have thought that they could have spiced up the show a little though … noting that

The state elections board chairman pulled a film canister out of a ceramic bowl.

I know – right. No fireworks, no suspense. That sucks … they should have had Trump involved for the staging.

So making it even less of a lottery, more a crap shoot