Good Chaps In General

Have to say that this chap is jolly glad that chaps like this – I’m talkin’ ‘Joe‘ … are out there.

Quite apart from his very useful links that he has been quietly providing the web since 2000 – he was also instrumental in getting web mentions to work on Just Good Music and in so doing we changed the template – which I am now using over on People First.

All round good stuff – and a chap most excellent.

He wrote about why he links here.

The Chaps, Converse

It isn’t that we share shoes …. more that we interact.

It started as a simple chat about the ukelele as an instrument.

“Simple”? Ha!

Now, no spoilers, please.

But then, somehow, as ever… It was Another Chap that started it all, when he threw this out ..

Jazz, Classical, but ukulele?

Don’t disrespect the ukulele.

and then went right on to share James Hill doing Voodoo Child

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Tip-toeing Through The Terminology

The Irish writer Flann O’Brien created two characters, Keats and Chapman, who popped up time and again with an insane willingness to do anything for a clever pun or wordplay. The more tortuous the better. So it was that they got into a discussion on eugenics, with one noting that the topic had batted around since the 19th century or earlier, with no-one willing to really grasp the nettle and incorporate it into social-political theory. In fact, said Keats, he’d seen the most useful practical application made by a horse-breeder he knew, who raised excellent stock using pure eugenics principles.

Foals rushed in where Engels feared to tread.

noted Chapman

There’s no doubt that the author has great comic talent, but he seems unable to resist ending a good tale with a bad joke.

The story of at least one Chap’s life.

Sounds like Keats and Chapman might have been the original chaps?

Well, they do have their own bookshop … maybe something to aspire to ?

What’s a bookshop, Dad ?

19/22 Ad Venting Memories

A slight break in the flow … but an important one ….


When it is important, you just have to do it. This is one of those things. When the chaps started Ad Venting this Advent, one of the other chaps reminded us of the celebration of Zappadan a period of time that should not go unnoticed … Dec. 4th (The date of his death) to today … Dec. 21st. (the date of his birth.)

… yes – we know that is ‘Bass Ackwards’ – but what are you going to do?

“It isn’t necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice. There are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia.

Frank Zappa


Zappadan: A message of hope for the season

The first night of Zappadan is called Bummernacht and should be celebrated on Dec. 4.

But it’s not too late. Redemption can be achieved by listening 3 times to Lumpy Gravy.

Some say that you should listen to Lumpy Gravy 3 times – but ‘some’ are wrong.

Side – yet interesting note ….  Lumpy Gravy was released 50 years ago this year. This chap has written previously and elsewhere about the formative musical foundations that 1967 gave us – adding this one to that catalogue.

As I was saying … THEN …. be prepared to …

But be sure to keep the true spirit of Ramadan Zapadan (stand by for a separate post on this!), which ends today (December 21st), knowing that full well …


And in honor of Zapadan – of course – it is only the right thing to do.

Frank’s final performance – Prague, 1991