Touché to the Cliché (sic)

“Our search for a successor will focus on finding a digital-first, disruptive and innovative leader who can build on Dana’s legacy and mobilise breakthrough marketing in a rapidly changing global consumer landscape.”

John …
… is impressed. Ten cliche’s in a single sentence. Is that a record?

Not a record, not even a CD, just improper apostrophe usage.

Dare I say touché .. or is that a cliché? (Resisting the temptation to fix the error and dlete the other chap’s comment.)

These chaps seem to think so.

There’s also this.


… it might catch on.

Other Chap adds…

Tried for some extra English the other day. But lost the pool game anyway.

boom boom
great movie


Which got this chap to wondering about …

… Nicola Sturgeon’s announcment today, where she has confirmed she will ask for permission to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence. Bottom line, ‘we’ in Scotland voted to stay with the EU – if England wants to leave the EU – we should just double check with our people that they are good to go aswell – or prefer to leave England and stay with EU.

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Enter, Stage Right

The Other Chap picked up on this, and passed it to this Chap.

Our hero enters from the right, and we know something, even if we do not know it. We suspect something bad is about to happen —

— or perhaps we just suspect the hero is a Japanese anime character. This came to our notice through the wonderful Futility Closet, which uses TinTin as an example, pointing out that most movements there are left to right: Right to left movements always have adverse outcomes.

Incidentally, the above image should be unsettling — it was deliberately flipped just for that effect.

This is the original.

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