… are not exactly flooding in just yet, but then we are in early days, and not really pushing the site out too hard for the moment … BUT. The chaps were delighted to receive this short, sharp, shock this morning from one of our early readers who helped us on a little technical snafu we had hit ….

“My pleasure …. it distracted me from work I really didn’t want to do.”

The chaps are in turn delighted to see that the chap’s site is delivering on the intended purpose.

Borrowed from the Deviant Art site Alien Tribute …

Gizza job, he said…

Graham thought, again…

…be careful what you wish for…

…It has become apparent, say those close to the president, most of whom requested anonymity to describe the inner workings of the White House, that the transition from overseeing a family business to running the country has been tough on him.

A paragraph that could have been written by an Englishman, in its desperate, civilized-at-any-cost understatement. To mis-quote Will S, and why not, that little gem is “a tale told by an Englishman, stripped of sound and fury, signifying everything…”

Or as an American put it — and we chaps do admire the venom they can put into things, on the rare occasions they choose …

Donald Trump, a skill-free inheritance baby with a virtually unbroken lifelong track record of incompetence and failure, has found that running the United States government is a tougher job than lending his name to mail-order steak delivery scams run by other people.

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‘Appen* It’s Another Thing

Graham ‘appened* on this…

As a couple of Tykes, we’re reet proud, aye, and allus up for summat about t’North, like. (Translation: Coming as we do from Yorkshire, we’re very proud of it, and we do take a continued interest in the place, while choosing to not actually live there.)

And so, it seems, is Microsoft. Machine translation from regional dialect is apparently something that has been vexing them (Trans: causing some head-scratching in Redmond). Evidently they are getting somewhere, according to an article in the Register entitled, “Eee by gum! Aye up, Microsoft, what’s tha y’ got? [Trans: I say, Microsoft, what do you have there?] Cloud for accents?” We Chaps are somewhat flattered to see a small (but immensely important and significant) region honored with such attentions. Especially as it’s not been an easy life oop (Trans: up) there… Continue reading “‘Appen* It’s Another Thing”

Dragging it out

Graham came across ….

… this odd contrast in the empowering and disempowering effects of cross-dressing.

This fascinating little documentary shows the progression of a Chinese-American gay man — going un-noticed in San Francisco’s gay community, finding his voice, calling, and identity as a drag queen, Panda Dulce, who also reads to children in the SF Public Library (where yes, Virginia, there is indeed a Drag Queen Story Hour).

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Douglas Adams Contributes …

… we are still thinking this through, but have an idea to drop great quotes on top of our header images, branded with our logo … and see how far it travels. We still aren’t sure that this is the right ‘look’ – but I think we like the idea.

How about you?

Towards a More Manageable Dystopia

“I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness.”

… Allen Ginsberg, ‘Howl’

Graham is struck by …

.. an odd phenomenon. That is, the urge to create fictional dystopias in the face of a real one.

Other dystopian eras gave rise to distinctively original work. Film makers in Soviet-era Eastern Europe, for example, created fantasy masterpieces such as “The Saragossa Manuscript” —

Cinema poster for “Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders” — Jaromil Jires, Czechoslovakia, 1970.

and  ‘Valerie and Her Week of Wonders.’ Not forgetting either that Ginsberg’s ‘Howl’, quoted above, was written against the background of the conformist,  “Father Knows Best” socio culture of 1950s USA, a dystopia all its own.

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