Credit Where Credit Is Due

This Chap has a dream …

… a wish if you will … that the estate of John Cage sues Samir Mezrahi for a butt-load of money.

john cage, paris 1981

This is why ….

Yes. Cage has been ripped off.

Not sure how much money Samir has made so far – but back in 1952, John Cage wrote this very piece of music … in fact Frank Zappa actually recorded it and included it on A Chance Operation: The John Cage Tribute

Yes I understand that Samir cleverly called the track “Aaaaa Very Good Son”g and it is absolute silence – as distinct to ‘the sounds of the environment that the listeners hear while it is being performed’ – but given the litigious nature of Frank’s widow that I have pointed out before … and that Apple do seem to object to rip offs in their stores – I am not sure how he gets away with it.

I much prefer the Zappa version. More nuanced, better use of white space.

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