Somewhere back there in some earlier post – or in the drafts section that you cannot read – lies a short discussion about fictional characters.

Favorite fictional characters, by state. If you believe the stats…

Cough! No I do not …. Gilligan? Marty McFly?
Good Grief!
Oh wait – that’s Minnesota!

Anyway – this must have been top of mind when I wrote this just now.

We chaps need to get on top of our commitments!

Graham suggests …
… that if the brain does not like the character name — which includes its extensions into the possessive and other cases — there is an intuitively-based reason for that. Recapitulating philology, and all that — and bearing in mind earlier comments about intuitive adjective order. TL;DR — if it sounds wrong, it either is wrong in your language (and he aggressively goes for sound over unthinking adherence to neo-Latin phrasing), or is in a very alien language indeed.

… of course he does!