… is the essence. Said it before – here – and here – now saying it again. Here. But this one is a bit different. Let’s see what it looks like in the morning.

No – not an AI …

Experimentation – sometimes “the essence of life” on other occasions “the catalyst of creativity”.

Can’t argue with that!

… though I am sure someone will!

Well — sometimes “the excuse for consciousness-alteration to excess accompanied by atypical expression of sexuality” but yes.

see what I mean?

Did that constitute an argument? Or just an overly-disclosing projection accompanied by unconscious disclosure of embarassing personal experience… Oh.

I see what I did there.



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  1. Not sure where to put this, but can probably wedge it in here as creativity in music.

    From the most recent issue of the New Yorker (June 19, 2017):

    “People called it progressive rock, or prog rock: a genre intent on proving that rock and roll didn’t have to be simple and silly — it could be complicated and silly as well”

    But then this too:

    “The genre’s bad reputation has been remarkable durable, even though its musical legacy keeps growing.”

    1. hmmm – the online reference : http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/06/19/the-persistence-of-prog-rock

      take out any reference to ELP and Crimson and the article will reduce by 50% – moreover kill Genesis and Yes – that will take out another 50%.

      oh and peter gabriel left genesis to become a pop star ? i agree collins did – that is how he single handily destroyed genesis – but gabriel?

      take out all references to prog before ’75 and there is 1% of the article left

      i agree with him – radiohead is NOT a progressive band .. in any shape or form – great – yes – but not progressive

      confusing kansas and styx with progressive is the usual confusion that i so hate – they were rock bands – that by the way is why i describe my interest in progressive music as ‘english progressive’ … despite my best shots rush and tool are not my taste

      finally an entire paragraph on progressive post ”75′ … Kelefa – who was coincidentally born in 75 – needs to explore a little more.

      1. Thought you might have an opinion on this.

        I do wonder if the writer didn’t give himself away:

        “…rock and roll didn’t have to be simple and silly — it could be complicated and silly as well.”

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