Now I’m Not Comparing …

… but this Chap …

… happened to come across what ‘The Leader of The Free World’ wrote in The guest book of The Holocaust Survivor’s Museum in Israel back in 2008. And then what Trump wrote when he dropped by this week.

In case you can’t make it out – some other chap (ess?) made it easier to read … even though they don’t know how to spell Holocaust … DOH!


So moronic.

Either way works.

Somehow this Chap would not have been surprised to see the “i”s dotted with little hearts…

They were.

3 Replies to “Now I’m Not Comparing …”

  1. It the + means ‘plus’, than the – must have meant ‘minus’.


    Thank you for showing me the honor I deserve. The museum is not really very impressive, but I’ll try to remember it.

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