Being English

The Other Chap Spotted This …

This Chap Recognised The Humor … but suggests that the cartoonist is in fact not fully steeped in The old  ‘Lingua Anglais’ …. otherwise they would have known that we never travel solo.


Happy now? Resemblance is uncanny, though…

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  1. A variation perhaps.

    I spent a college sophomore year in France, and it was relatively easy to spot other Americans while traveling around.

    Who would inevitably say: ‘Hey, you’re an American too. Do you know…?”


    (That was a quite a few years ago. The US was a smaller place then and the probabilities were more favorable than now. Maybe that was it.)

    1. … well it’s the plaid shorts with an old t-shirt that typically gives away an ‘American Abroad’ …. but essentially the same deal 🙂

      meanwhile – I am filing the

      “Hey, you’re an American too. Do you know…?”

      with my personal experience …

      “Oh – you are from London – I wonder if you know …… “

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