Where Art Meets Science

And the chaps would like to congratulate Mr. Kris Marshall – who will be playing the 13th incarnation of ‘the other’ doctor.

.. the “Other Doctor”
— that is, Chap, notes that …
… he did in fact know the Seventh Doctor, who as Mr McCoy, held the UK record for “ferrets-down-the-trousers” … and that he is oddly reticent about having seen the very first episode of Dr Who on both original and rebroadcast.
… when but an infant, no doubt.

John responds
‘When but an infant’ …. yup that would be it.
I thought that the ferret reference referenced (sic) Richard Gere

Graham …
Oh wait – for a minute I thought that you thought that this was a real story.

John …
really? how long have we been dating  known each other?

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