John maintains that he has …

… never met a meta that he couldn’t meet half way. So let’s try this on for size.

Turns out a few more people are reading these offerings? rants? debates? diatribes? monologues? things? … whatever they are …

… lets go with things – consistent and on brand!

… things, the various readers have provided various feedback. None of which says close it down – you’re losing it. So for now the chaps (speaking for both of us – as I am won’t to do) will indeed keep going. But let me share some of the ideas and observations. Leaving aside the commentary on design, color, layout …. vintage readers will be aware that those things are living and breathing things. No rather, this chap was taken with the following ideas ….

The Chaps

Turns out there are those out there that want to know more about the chaps than the chaps have thus far let on.

Noted – and we will do something about that – in a typically chaps kind of way.

The Discussion

Early on the more established readers noted that both of us chaps have this habit of interjecting whilst the other is in full flow – so to speak

Seriously? Pun aside, I see it more as fact checking and/or giving direction.


Anyway, the point was made that it was sometimes (always?) visually hard to understand which chap was riffing about what when …. so we introduced the red and blue theming …

Like this

and this – note that when the other chap is riffing he is red and when this chap is riffing he gets blue. Even runs through to the headlines. Helps you sort out one chap from the other chap

Anyway, this is an example of how we have taken feedback on board, and rectified the situation – but it is now so clear that we chaps find ourselves commenting more and more …. with the effect that we now seem to be doing a lot of ….

Post Publication Changes

… and it turns out that the chaps are doing a little more of that than we thought. So when we have something extra to say – or a jab needs to be delivered …

… we deliver. But of course our amazing wit, repartee and speed of response is totally missed unless someone post-publication goes back and checks … but you don’t – do you?

Now this chap has an idea about how that might be fixed … which curiously involves publishing our missives faster and faster …. note … decidedly not more. One thing we do know is that the process (where we cross-posted back to an earlier post to reveal how clever we are, is not a solution. So read on.

Getting My Things

Our more established readers are getting alerts to our ramblings almost as they occur … but if you have signed up more recently through a form that looks like something at the bottom of this post – well – so far – you see nothing …. despite all the chaps promises.

So – here’s the fix …

When we make the switch from the old delivery system to the new – not only will everyone be included, but the speed of things into your inbox will be slowed down to one a week – but that will be manually honed and crafted to ensure that you receive only the highlights – which might include an extended dialogue and probbaly links and connections back to older posts that we have been zinging each other about throughout the past 168 hours. (Or so.)

Of course – if the web and RSS actually worked as God Tim Berners-Lee and people like Marco Arment and Dave Winer intended, we wouldn’t have to do this – but the guys who deliver all this stuff took short cuts – but that’s another thing.


Other Ideas

Would you delight in seeing a Daily Dish / Daily Dirt / Daily Dialogue ? We are going to be discussing this during this week – just wanted to give you a heads up that it has been requested and we are working out the logistics

Links – avec commentaire

Don’t you love how English chaps who can’t speak a lick of french – as any good Parisien waiter will remind you – even if not asked – still liberally sprinkle the old ‘Francais’ into sentences whenever they feel there is suitable opportunity

Personally I couldn’t give a single jot if the opportunity is suitable or not.

But my point is – us chaps discover lots of interesting links to fun, facts and frivolity that we could share with you. Good idea?

That’s it for now – keep the ideas flowing. Next stop – your newsletter. Maybe two weeks out – but nearly there.

3 Replies to “Meta”

  1. Sorry, but after 3 readings, I’m not sure I follow.

    The weekly digest suggest this will work like many blogs work. You post a piece, readers comment on it and to one another (and maybe one of the chaps jumps in). This goes on pretty much until the chaps post another thing. Then the new post pushes the previous one off somewhere, which effectively cuts off that conversation, and then once a week you’ll release an edited version of it all.

    Or something.

    But the colors I get.

    Maybe. Is blue always one chap, and red the other? Or is the red the first one to interrupt, and blue the clever follow-up?

    1. I know – it’s hard! Barely understand it myself!

      John is always blue
      Graham is always red
      … and watch for one more enhancement on that front – coming soon.

      On the newsletter – we will offer a version of what we do now – as in as we post the content will be delivered to the inbox – for those that want it to hit them that much
      we will also offer a hand curated weekly digest – which will be the best of the week and maybe also some older post content – if that post has been enhanced … that latter style will not appear in the RSS feed – since RSS thinks it has already posted the older post (it has of course …)

      Make sense?

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