Gun Culture

It’s a new world. And in that new world we learn that there is a new kind of gun culture emerging …

This chap remains unconvinced …

… but it is there and the world of ‘The Gun’ is definitely shifting. Consider for example the idea that ‘The 45th’ should be celebrated with his own gold-plated commemorative ‘Cabot’.  I kid you not.

This other Chap has never liked guns…

(as he has said before, quite recently) …and in fact, did not have close sight (!) of a real shooter until he was in his 30s. (Although he does have a standing invitation from a whisky-cigars-and-guns friend in Arizona to go over there and shoot off a few from a 50-caliber. Just to see what harmless, fun things they are, I believe…)

Leaving aside the fun, innocent recreational elements of the weapons, though, what worries this chap about the Trump gun is, who is holding it and where is it pointed? (How clever of them to color-match it to the potential owner, though!)

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