Gin And Tonic Pancakes

… apparently, they are a thing. Well … kind of.

This Chap stumbled into this particular link over the weekend … and, he has to admit that he was initially ‘psyched’. Until he wasn’t.  His initial thoughts, shared with he that provided the original link.

… you had me at Gin and Tonic Pancakes are a thing … a meeting of two core elements of anyone’s diet neatly packaged into a single consumable offering – I missed the picture and clicked through to ensure it wasn’t #fakenews … it all seemed to be valid and so saved off the page into Instapaper … when I came back … the image caught my eye …. I know right … they say images are needed for engagement … wrong … it’s all in the headline … anyway – back to the image. I noticed something …. to be sure I magnified the image and indeed … there it was … a can of gin and tonic …. being a little nervous, I clicked back to the page … and there it was a single line for a ‘single ingredient’ … a ‘250g gin and tonic can’ ….

I am sure that the problems are immediately apparent – unless you just arrived on the boat – in which case let me enumerate …

  • Gin AND Tonic pre-mixed
  • Gin AND Tonic in a can
  • Gin : 3tbsp
  • Obligatory cocktail umbrella

Now the source of the article is HuffPost Australia – so that starts to explain it …. but the writer .. Rachel Moss .. writes for HuffPost UK. Good grief – what is the old place coming to? Maybe she isn’t English and hasn’t yet caught up?

Oh No

It looks like she is a graduate of the alma mater …. what are they teaching them these days !

The Other Chap writes…

Now that is really downhill. Of course, G&T has not been the same since the Brits left malaria behind in the colonies. The canned version just epitomizes the decline. Time for a new sundowner, one devised to deal with something really interesting. None of this safety-first pairing with pancakes — how about a traditional Eastern bar snack, such as drunken shrimp? No, not the namby-pamby version served in pretentious steakhouses, but the real Darwinian article…

Now there’s a disease vector worth creating a drink for.

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