All Grown Up Before You Know It

One of us chaps wrote about Alexa and the Amazon peeps back in January of this year.

This chap just spotted that …

Amazon now believes that Alexa is covered by free speech.

And Now They Have Dropped Their Case! (Read All About It)

This chap is adding this thought to this one where Billy G is suggesting that robots that take away us chap’s jobs should be taxed, which left him considering that old line …

Nothing is certain but death and taxes.

… seems like that this is going to be just as true for our new overlords robots as for ourselves and that they have become human before they have even properly developed as autonomous sentient beings!

The Other Chap comments …

Unlike, say, Fox and Friends talking heads, where the exact reverse would be true. How long could it be before they employ Jia Jia to perch prettily on the couch and parrot the Dirty Digger?

Although, given this was a Fox News story, perhaps they’ve already been scouting for robot talent. Or do we mean overlords?

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