Changing The Pace

John happens to be …

… a big follower of all good music. Even running a twitter account devoted to Just Good Music … though admittedly it does tend to get a little ignored, what with everything else going on in the world – that of course you come here to makes sense of first … right?

Anyway, he just came across a young lady called Tash Sultana, through this short NPR piece.

Oh my goodness … if this was one occasion where to ‘drop one’s mic’ was not over-stated, this would be it. He does so hope that you too enjoy this change of pace from an otherwise hectic schedule of WTF!

Graham is suitably impressed.

Talented, and with a keen (and appropriate) appreciation of the technology. The ‘one person band’ has come a long way from Dick Van Dyke —

— and that’s not a bad thing. No — Not at all.

2 Replies to “Changing The Pace”

  1. Who needs a band, but apparently you still need a basement.

    Good stuff, and a full 7 minutes without a hitch — not at all easy to do.

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