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  1. I linked here from your email notification. But it’s several days behind your posts. Is that how the email is supposed to work?

    1. Thanks Tom.

      Are you referring to the date of this post ? I note that it is the 16th Feb … which is odd – I would agree – but I THINK I understand. There are some other posts in the queue – which will emerge soon – and when they do – I will know if I am right …. then the chaps have to decide what to do about it.

      1. Hi John,

        Let me see if I can clarify. I received email stamped 4:30 am today (18 Feb). It included the Bertrand Russell image, which then took me to that post on OneMoreThing. All ok I guess.

        But my expectation was that the email would be generated automatically whenever there was a new post to OneMoreThing – but today’s email was linked to a post that was two days old. But there have been several new posts since then, and to get to the new stuff, I had to navigate back through the menu to find them.

        (Also, curiously, I noticed that the posts are not on the page top-to-bottom in the order they were dated.)

        None of this is a complaint. Just info for you in case things aren’t working they way you intended.


        PS. The Clouseau clip was brilliant.

        1. Yup – all that makes sense. the ‘Newsletter’ goes out daily at that time and includes ANY NEW posts from the past 24 hours – up to a total of five. So today’s newsletter saw one new post – Bertrand – and sent it. (New is simply that it is freshly published – not dated in the past 24 hours).

          I think Bertrand is dated based on when it was first drafted – not when it was published – hence the oddity of time.

          As I said earlier – there are others in the queue – including another one centered on ‘Bertrand’ for example … which hasn’t yet gone out – and I expect when it does will be dated even earlier – hence why this one is called ‘One Of The Other Bertrands’.

          So – I THINK it is all working as expected, but not as we want. We fix it by remembering to change the ‘published time’ when we publish – but generally that isn’t a problem since this chap and the other chap are pretty good at rapid rapping … we just are a little out of synch at the moment.

          Many thanks for such attention to detail Tom – VERY much appreciated … don’t stop.

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