Softies Gone Soft In The Head?

Graham has had an experience – and is wondering …

… if A Massive OS Company Makes An Empty Apology For Its Malware-Like Updates, Is It Sound?

For those who fought the highly-pressured Win10 update, preferring to stay with what we have, thank you, it seems stable this time, but got forcibly upgraded anyway, are we at all interested that Microsoft now says, hmm, maybe we were a little aggressive?

The issue came to a head when Microsoft issued a Get Windows 10 update that completely changed how the program worked. For the previous 10 months, declining an upgrade was as simple as clicking on the red X in the upper right-hand corner of the message box. After Microsoft’s update, clicking the red X did nothing. Users who thought they had dismissed the upgrade option woke up a few hours or days later to find their systems running an operating system they hadn’t intended to install. The people most likely to be affected by the problem were those who had spent 10 months actively avoiding Windows 10, which only added fuel to the fire. … The larger question is why Microsoft ever thought it would be ok to switch how the application functioned after 10 months. Either Capossela is lying about Microsoft’s internal discussion of the topic or Microsoft doesn’t allow criticism of its decisions to percolate high enough in the company to inform its executive teams. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that changing how the “Do not install Windows 10 on my computer” process would inevitably result in a great many unwanted upgrades. The claim that it takes weeks to test an update to Windows Update is disingenuous as well. First, Microsoft could’ve fallen back to the old, previously-approved update and pulled the malware-style version of Windows 10 immediately. The company allowed the situation to go on for several weeks because it wanted to push as many people as possible on to Windows 10.

Microsoft finally admits that its malware-style Get Windows 10 upgrade campaign went too far

John, who only watches ‘Windoze’ from afar …

… had heard about this, though not experienced it and so certainly didn’t get the apology … but he did see this …

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